Want to turn your baking passion into a successful home business that consistently attracts your dream clients?

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In 5 weeks you will go from feeling frustrated to confident with your design
techniques, and transform your cakes from lumpy & bumpy to smooth & sharp.
Master the fundamentals of cake design, pricing with confidence, and
attract your dream clients.

Before I tell you about this life changing course, let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a passionate and creative being with no shortage of ambition. You're tired of watching hours of YouTube tutorials that skip over the crucial details and customers that won't pay for what you're worth. You're ready to learn new techniques to take your cakes from "meh" to "WOW" and establish a successful home business.

Whether you're...

  • An aspiring baker with a newly found passion for cake design and a desire to learn new techniques to establish your business
  • A novice cake designer wanting to master the fundamentals of cake design & expand your rapport in the industry
  • A seasoned cake designer wanting to learn new techniques to gain new clients & build a successful home based business

My sweet friend, you're exactly in the right place. I am going to tell you exactly how Smooth & Sharp™ will provide you with the fundamental skills, techniques & secrets (that they skip in YouTube videos) and unparalleled support on your journey to building a successful home based cake business!

By the end of this course,
you will have:

  • Perfected your cake recipe to bake moist, fluffy and delicious cakes from scratch
  • Learned to make foolproof buttercream, for those smooth and sharp edge cakes
  • Mastered filling and masking techniques to have the smooth canvas for your cake 
  • Smoothly covered cakes with a thin layer of fondant without any tearing or elephant skin
  • Acquired new design techniques that wow your clients and build rapport in the industry
  • Gained confidence to market & price your cakes to make a profit every single time

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"I had the pleasurable experience of doing a one on one class where I was able to learn all the hands on techniques from her expertise. She was very approachable and detailed instructions were provided in writing and verbally. Even once I finished the course I felt every time I asked a question she was very forthcoming and did not hide any techniques or information. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to pursue a career in baking. The class offers invaluable culinary techniques suited for those wishing to refine their skills or step-it-up a notch at home or in their career."

Anjan Ahuja
Anjan's Delights

Here's What You'll Get Inside
Smooth & Sharp ™ Intro to Cake Design

Module 1: The Art of Baking

Here's why it pays to learn from someone that's been in your shoes - I know exactly where most students get stuck in the baking cakes journey. Before even thinking about cake design (which is the fun part and we all love to jump into that), we'll build a solid foundation on which your entire design rests - the cake.

  • Learn the key ingredients and equipment required for baking super fluffy and moist cakes. You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to bake delicious cakes! 
  • You'll learn 4 different recipes, which includes an eggless and vegan recipe (and of course recipes with egg!). I'll demo one of the recipes, so you can see the process of following a recipe to ensure you receive accurate results. 
  • Baking tips and tricks to perfect your own cake recipe. Have a recipe you already love but it just needs a few tweaks to make it perfect? Such as having flat tops consistently and avoiding cake waste.

Module 2: Foolproof Buttercream

Don't know which buttercream recipe to use? Having issues with curdled buttercream or sickly sweet buttercream? Never again! Master 3 different types of buttercream including American, Ermine and Swiss Meringue, and how to flavour each one.

  •  Master 3 different types of buttercream so you can choose your favourite! Recipes will be provided for each type of buttercream and provide a demo for one recipe.
  • Know exactly how much buttercream you'll need for a cake so you never end up with way too much or not enough! 
  • Create delicious flavour combinations using various jams, purees and flavourings

Module 3: Smooth & Sharp Fundamentals

Master the fundamental skills to achieve that perfectly smooth & sharp edged cake. Learn to get a smooth buttercream finish without any bumps & flawless fondant application without any tearing or elephant skin.

  •  We'll go over tools required and specific techniques to fill & mask your cake so that your cake is perfectly straight and levelled
  • Achieve smooth buttercream creating the perfect black canvas for gorgeous cake designs you'll learn
  • Flawlessly cover your cake with fondant with sharp edges (using a special technique you haven't seen before!) and smooth sides

Module 4: Cake Design

The module you're likely most excited for and the fun part - decorating that beautiful blank canvas you prepped! Learn trendy buttercream & fondant design techniques, and learn to use inspiration to come up with your own designs that set you apart!

  • Use various tools you already have to create elegant buttercream designs. Learn which additional tools you can use to create even more designs!
  • Learn my method of creating your own mold designs with fondant that'll not only wow your clients, but also make your business stand out!
  • Master the art of sugar florals & fresh florals. Learn to colour and arrange flowers into stunning arrangements giving your cake the perfect finishing touch!

Module 5: Running a Successful Business

Now that you've mastered creating elegant cake designs, let's sell them! Learn key business strategies, pricing techniques and marketing that'll put you in front of new potential clients and ensure you run a successful business from home!

  • Tackle pricing your cakes with confidence and make a profit every single time. Never again undercharge for a cake!
  • Marketing strategies basics to optimize your Instagram account and put you business in front of new potential clients. Also learn to network and leverage this to build connections that'll help your business grow
  • Become familiar with wholesale suppliers in your area so you're getting the best prices on materials and ingredients

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What my past students have to say...

"Before the course I struggled with making buttercream and getting those smooth and sharp edges. Now I am much more confident. The cakes that I made for practice throughout the course have all turned out soft and moist. My buttercream tastes amazing and slowly but surely I am getting a hang of using a scraper to get those smooth sides and sharp edges. I am so much happier in learning and perfecting new techniques. I am less overwhelmed with getting those smooth sides. I now know that I can with a little more practice. Definitely recommend the course. A personal touch of an expert can go a long way in rectifying all your mistakes and inculcating the confidence to pursue your dream and passion."

- Sakina Taher

"Before joining the course I was struggling with science behind the baking, buttercream cakes, pricing. As a result of taking this course I feel more confident about how to price and market my cakes. The course was great and I would 100% recommend to anyone."

- Salma Khetani

"Before taking this course I was struggling with everything. Yes literally everything. I had never baked a cake in my life. Sahaj helped me with every detail to make eggless and egg cakes. After taking the course I feel like baking a cake is so easy. Especially the buttercream. It all needs practice to become perfect. I am more confident with making a fondant cake and buttercream cakes. For anyone wanting to join, without a doubt I would say go for it. It for sure is not a waste of money. You are gonna learn so much than you would have thought."

- Ria Sharma

"In this course I learnt about the importance of following a recipe correctly. This helped me make delicious cakes and buttercream. I am also more confident with pricing my cakes. If I know of any friend or family that interested in baking or improving there skills in baking I would definitely recommend this program. In 5 weeks you can work around your schedule and have an amazing teacher who always have the patience to explain any question or concerns."

- Tricia King

When you enroll in Smooth & Sharp™
during this limited time period, you'll get:
($597 Value) 

5 Implementation Modules

Showing you literally every single detail you need to do to make beautiful buttercream AND fondant cakes, bake perfect moist cakes, and turn your passion into a successful home based business through learning key business and marketing strategies putting you in front of NEW potential clients every week

Simple Yet Effective Business Strategies

These will help you not only gain confidence in yourself and your cakes, but also become confident in accurately pricing your cakes to make a profit every. single. time. Learn simple marketing strategies to put your business in front of your ideal clients (and skip past those that bargain for every dollar *eye roll*)

Solidify Your Cake Foundation

Become confident in creating smooth cakes with those coveted sharp edges. This is the foundation necessary for any beautiful cake you dream to create (a bumpy iced cake will just become a bumpy cake with decorations, that's not what we want right?!)

5 Implementation ModulesAdditional Resources and PDF Guides

To ensure you FULLY understand all the concepts, the art and science behind baking and decorating, and being able to implement business strategies that will give your business the jumpstart it needs!

PLUS These Bonuses to Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum in Your Baking Journey

What my past students have to say...

Bonus #1

5 Weeks of LIVE Q&A Sessions With Sahaj Inside the Private Facebook Group for Course Members Only

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through your course journey

$397 Value

What You'll Get:

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence
  • An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow bakers who are on the same journey. A space to overcome isolation and refuel your motivation that'll help you cross the finish line
  • Lifetime access to the group after the course to search through and rewatch any past Q&A sessions, with the opportunity to join an Alumni group

Bonus #2

5 Customizable Templates to Setup Your Business for Success

Plug and play templates for various business forms

$197 Value

What You'll Get:

  • Customizable Canva templates for invoices, contracts, liability form, terms & conditions, and policies
  • Quickly be able to customize each form to suit your business needs; sample text is provided

Bonus #3

Exclusive Student Discounts For The Best Online Cake Decorating Supply Shops

Sweet deals to some of the best shops to purchase those much needed tools

$197 Value

What You'll Get:

  • Exclusive 15% student discount to Christine's Molds
  • Exclusive 15% student discount to Lavender's Bake Shop
  • Exclusive 20% student discount to Cakery Decor

Bonus #4

Business Plan Workbook

Create a complete business plan that'll set you up for continued success.

$97 Value

What You'll Get:

  • Customizable business plan PDF workbook with prompts to help you create a complete business plan
  • Quickly be able to customize each page to suit your business needs; examples are provided throughout this workbook

Our Promise: RISK FREE 14 Day Guarantee

Let me just say this upfront...

Smooth & Sharp Into to Cake Design is the most comprehensive step-by-step implementation program for a passionate baker at heart who is committed to become a professional cake business owner this year

Our community is filled with passionate, highly motivated and super supportive members who are all on this baking journey together. When you join, you'll be part of this exclusive group!

Now here's the deal...
By the end of these 14 days, you'll have received access to the first 3 modules including The Art of Baking, Fool Proof Buttercream and Smooth & Sharp Fundamentals. Meaning you'll have had the opportunity to perfect the foundational skills of cake design BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated by the strategies and techniques you've learnt, simply reach out, show us you've completed the course work and we will refund your investment.

Here's What You're Getting When You Enroll Today:

Smooth & Sharp™ - $597 Value

  • Custom business plan workbook to set you up for continued success - $97 value
  • Customizable Canva templates to setup your business without the overwhelm - $127 value
  • Exclusive sweet discounts to some of the best online cake supply shops - $197 value
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Sahaj inside the private students only Facebook group - $397 value

 Total Bonus Value: $818

 When you add it all up, that's a total value of $1415

Enroll In Smooth & Sharp™ Today

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One-Time Payments of


"We covered everything from smooth buttercream, sharp edges on fondant and pricing and delivery of cakes. Prior to this class, I was having problems with smooth sides and leveled cakes using buttercream. Learning some new techniques here and with lots of practice, I'm now able to achieve this without any problems. I would recommend this class to anyone I know who is looking for new skills and techniques."

Fazia Mohammed
Cakes by Fazia

Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

You will have lifetime access to the course. Meaning, as long as this course exists, you'll be able to access all of the modules along with any future updates to the course, at no additional cost to you!

Not at all! This course is for those that have a passion for cake decorating and want to learn the foundational skills, design techniques and business strategies to turn this into a successful home based business.

 We will start right from the beginning, from baking the cakes, to filling & masking, to decorating and pricing our beautiful cakes. By the end of the course you will have the confidence and skills necessary to start your own business.

Let me be completely honest with you - if you asked me this question a few months ago I probably would've said I wasn't too sure. That's because I also believed that cake decorating wasn't something that could be taught online, based on the YouTube videos and other courses I've seen.

Now? I'm confident that this course will provide an exceptional experience for you that is comparable, if not even better, than an in person group class! I've recorded each lesson in a way to ensure not a single step is missed, that you're never scratching your head wondering "wait how did she do that?" Better yet, you will be able to pause, rewind, and rewatch any lesson, anytime, from anywhere! You'll be able to go back to previous lessons to brush up on your skills or refresh your memory anytime!

The best part? You'll have access to an engaged & highly motivating facebook group of peers on the same journey as you. It's a safe place to share our experiences and help each other grow and strive for our biggest goals. You'll have access to me each week, for.4 weeks, to ask questions in the group, and even ask questions live during our weekly calls. This valuable and immense support is worth the entire price of the course!

If you're looking to improve your recipes, maybe you're struggling with getting flat cake tops or baking a moist cake, then YES this course is for you.

If you're wanting to solidify the foundations of cake, through achieving a perfectly smooth and sharp edge buttercream canvas, and applying fondant flawless, then YES this course is for you.

If you're wanting to learn new versatile buttercream & fondant techniques, and up your cake design game, then YES this course is for you.

If you're struggling with pricing your cakes, and marketing your cakes to reach new potential clients, then YES this course is for you.

This course is NOT for you if you've already mastered all the above skills. Instead, I'd recommend staying tuned for my advanced wedding cake course which will likely be a better fit for you (coming soon!).

The course itself will be conducted in a group setting, filled with like minded individuals who are also going through the same journey as you. Should you require additional support, you will have the option to book a 1 to 1 coaching session with me.

You can click here to purchase →

You will have lifetime access to the course and can complete it as your own pace! All the live Q&A sessions will be recorded and uploaded into your members area so you can access them at anytime. To make it easier for everyone and ensure we're all on the same page, you'll have access to 1 module per week giving you ample time to implement.

This course is designed in a way that you can actually implement what you learn right away. Instead of having to bake extra cakes, you can bake for the orders you already have and apply the techniques you've learnt. That way you're not spending too much extra time dedicated specifically to the course, and instead this will give you practical experience with the various techniques.

Most definitely not! I will show you how to use what you already have to make beautiful cakes. However, there are some basic tools you will need, which we will cover in the first module. These will make you life a lot easier when it comes to achieving smooth and sharp cakes.

You'll also receive exclusive student discounts to some of the best online shops! I'll tell you which products I recommend, but of course you can purchase whatever you'll need.

Yes! I'll be available every week during the live Q&A calls where you can ask questions ahead of time and I can answer them during the call. You will also be able to post any questions in the course facebook group where I can help you out. We have an amazing community of bakers who will also be more than happy to assist you!

I understand that not everyone has the funds to pay for the course up front, which is why I've provided an easy 3-month payment plan option to make it more doable and accessible to you.

PLUS in this course I will teach you ways to make money from your cakes, so that your investment in this course will pay for itself and more!

You can reach out to me via email [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

"I was so excited when Sahajbir started offering classes that I signed up right away! She took us through everything from her techniques to her favourite suppliers and what I loved most is that at the end of the class she held an informal questionnaire session where we could ask her anything and she answered freely. Her teaching technique is amazing as it's easy to understand and so informative. This class helped me kick off my cake business and be confident about decorating."

Elisha Kumari
Fiorella Bakeshop

Still thinking about it?

You can always try Smooth & Sharp for 14 days risk free! I encourage you to believe in yourself, go for something you've always been passionate about and be committed to improving your skills. I'll be there to help you through each step!

Now for the real talk, no sugar coating (I reserve that for my cakes only) - I promise! Do I believe in this course? Hell yes! Will it work for you? Yes, IF you are willing to commit and put in the work to establish a successful business. I promise to be there through every step of the way, to help you in any way possible so that you can achieve success on your own terms.

This pandemic really hit hard for so many of us. Maybe you too are going through financial hardships, and have had to pivot your life in ways you could've never imagined. This course can help you create an additional income steam, whether you want to do it as part time or as full time. If you're a stay at home mom wanting to make cute cakes for the kids, a passionate baker at heart, or a busy creative looking for an outlet that'll help pay your bills as well, this is for you!

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with all the knowledge, skills and strategies that'll jumpstart your business. If you truly put in the work, you can make back the money you invest into this course within a few short weeks (and more)! Let this new year not only be a new beginning for you, but an opportunity to bet on yourself, to allow yourself to dive into your passion and emerge as a confident, successful business owner.

Ps. The exclusive student discounts you'll receive as part of this course will pay for nearly half the course price! The other half? I'll teach you strategies to make that money back during our 4 weeks together! I'm so excited to be able to teach you everything I know over the next few weeks!

For me cake design has been like finally finding a sweet spot that combines all my passions & makes my heart burst with happiness!

I've experienced first hand the frustrations and long nights of cake decorating, to finally being able to work on my own terms, only take on cakes that truly excite me, and allow myself the freedom to enjoy all other sweet moments in life!

That moment of watching a student struggle with something, being able to help them, and watch them awestruck when they finally get it... THAT'S what I live for!

If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram scratching your head wondering how they did that, or watching a YouTube tutorial only to have them skip out on a crucial detail... That's so frustrating, I know! That's one thing you'll never have to worry about with my course, I'm literally an open book! This is one thing you'll consistently hear from all of my students, I don't withhold any details.

I truly want you to experience this course risk free, to take a chance on yourself and be amazed at what you achieve!

Should you choose to accept my personal invitation, I guarantee that these next 4 weeks will be completely transformative and life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you inside Smooth & Sharp course!

All my best,
Sahajbir Kaur

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"Thank you Sahajbir for holding a class that not only covered the basics of how to level, torte, crumbcoat and mask cakes, she also covered more advanced techniques of airbrush & colouring. Sahajbir answered all questions clearly without hesitation, whether or not it was related to the Designer Dupatta course. To my fellow cake artists: whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I highly recommend taking one of Sahajbir's classes just to brush up on your skills or even learn a new design!"

Anita Garcha
Pinch of Sugar Cakes

"If you're planning to start a cake business or an existing baker, and want to learn more, Sahajbir is the person to go to. I have taken in the past two classes with her, and I've learned alot since then. You will definitely learn all tricks and tips and more. She is the most honest person you'll ever meet. I am glad that I took her classes because she will teach you everything that you need to know and to succeed."

Doreen Dawood
Maison De Gâteau