Learn to Bake From Scratch &
Decorate Cakes like a PRO!

In just a few hours you'll learn to bake from scratch, fill & mask like a pro, and decorate a beautiful cake using various buttercream designs & flowers!

The perfect workshop bundle for hobbyists, beginners and kids wanting to kickstart their baking journey!  

Inside The LIVE Trainings, You'll Learn How To:

Workshop 1 - Cake & Baking Essentials

  • Correctly measure ingredients when baking to ensure consistent results every single time (and minimize sunken middles, domed tops, rubbery cake and other
  • Make perfectly moist cakes with flat tops every single time using my simple hack for your oven! (it works with most ovens, and even other recipes asides from my own!)
  • How to keep your cakes moist for longer so your can run an efficient business and plan ahead of time (no 15 hour days or overnight marathon required)
  • Master making smooth & delicious American buttercream that'll make it easier to fill & mask cakes
  • Learn my top tips and tricks to ensure cakes are standing tall and straight once filled (and don't look like the leaning tower of Pisa)
  • Using only 2 tools mask cakes flawlessly with buttercream to create the perfect blank canvas that's ready to be decorated
  • My favourite tool to master sharp edges quickly even if you're a total beginner (no fancy tools required!)

Workshop 2 - Floral Buttercream Designs

  • Use palette knife painting technique to create beautiful textures with buttercream (no artistic experience necessary!)
  • Easy 2 step technique to achieve a marbled design using buttercream (no need for fondant to create marble designs)
  • My quick & simple trick to achieving the perfect ombre effect without a harsh line between colours (colours will seamlessly blend together creating the perfect gradient)
  • The simplest way to make ganache that's perfect for creating drips (no more "broken" ganache, I actually have a super easy fix for that too!) 
  • Master 3 different buttercream texture designs that are versatile and easily customizable (you can create cakes for many occasions using these techniques)
  • Learn my technique to creating beautiful arrangements with fresh flowers that are safe for cakes (you might even be mistaken for a florist once people see your beautiful arrangements!!)

What past students have to say... 

"Before the course I struggled with making buttercream and getting those smooth and sharp edges. Now I am much more confident. The cakes that I made for practice throughout the course have all turned out soft and moist. My buttercream tastes amazing and slowly but surely I am getting a hang of using a scraper to get those smooth sides and sharp edges. I am so much happier in learning and perfecting new techniques. I am less overwhelmed with getting those smooth sides. I now know that I can with a little more practice. Definitely recommend the course. A personal touch of an expert can go a long way in rectifying all your mistakes and inculcating the confidence to pursue your dream and passion."

- Sakina Taher

"Before joining the course I was struggling with science behind the baking, buttercream cakes, pricing. As a result of taking this course I feel more confident about how to price and market my cakes. The course was great and I would 100% recommend to anyone."

- Salma Khetani

"Before taking this course I was struggling with everything. Yes literally everything. I had never baked a cake in my life. Sahaj helped me with every detail to make eggless and egg cakes. After taking the course I feel like baking a cake is so easy. Especially the buttercream. It all needs practice to become perfect. I am more confident with making a fondant cake and buttercream cakes. For anyone wanting to join, without a doubt I would say go for it. It for sure is not a waste of money. You are gonna learn so much than you would have thought."

- Ria Sharma

"In this course I learnt about the importance of following a recipe correctly. This helped me make delicious cakes and buttercream. I am also more confident with pricing my cakes. If I know of any friend or family that interested in baking or improving there skills in baking I would definitely recommend this program. In 5 weeks you can work around your schedule and have an amazing teacher who always have the patience to explain any question or concerns."

- Tricia King

Ready to learn baking and decorating a cake so you can create cakes for family & friends?

I've experienced first hand the frustrations and long nights of cake decorating, to finally being able to work on my own terms, only take on cakes that truly excite me, and allow myself the freedom to enjoy all other sweet moments in life!

If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram scratching your head wondering how they did that, or watching a YouTube tutorial only to have them skip out on a crucial detail... That's so frustrating, I know! That's one thing you'll never have to worry about with my trainings, I'm literally an open book! This is one thing you'll consistently hear from all of my students, I don't withhold any details.

I truly want you to experience these workshops, to take a chance on yourself and be amazed at what you achieve!

I look forward to meeting you inside the workshop!

All my love,

Sahajbir Kaur